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Perth Fibreglass Pools Creating a Fun Backyard Retreat for Your Kids

Perth Fibreglass Pools: Creating a Fun Backyard Retreat for Your Kids

18 March

Are your kids an active bunch? If not, and they’re just lying around in your living room browsing their smartphones or confined in their bedroom playing computer games, would you like them to be more active? There are several ways you can get them moving and help them adapt a healthier lifestyle, and you could start with your backyard.

Perth Fibreglass Pools Creating a Fun Backyard Retreat for Your Kids

You can set up an outdoor sports area (for soccer, basketball, or cricket pitch, perhaps) or even a gym for teens. You can even engage them in climbing if you can find a climbing wall that can fit in your backyard. For younger kids, a large jungle gym or a flying fox setup would be a great place to have fun whilst working up a sweat. Aside from keeping extra weight off and preventing childhood obesity (and its nasty health effects), these activities can help enhance muscle strength, coordination and balance, flexibility, and even psychological well-being.

Of course, another great investment for kids (and the whole family, really) is a pool. Aussie families typically love splashing around in their own backyard pools, and in the process, they get to enjoy several health benefits. You can swim or play active pool games together for your fitness, and you can also bond more often as a family.

What Pool to Buy

Perth fibreglass pools come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and you can definitely involve your kids when you’re picking what to buy. You can have a large pool installed, so the whole family or your kids and their friends can maximise it during holidays or when you have poolside parties. You can even find pools that could fit in a small courtyard. Plus, you may also consider shallow plunge pools for your little ones.

Of course, if you’re more committed to formal swimming training, you can go for a rectangular lap pool, which reliable Perth pool companies like Guardian Pools can install. With a sizeable lap pool, you and your kids can practice your swimming strokes and brush up on water safety and survival skills. Choose fibreglass lap pools with benches or steps on the side or edge, so you have a place to rest and relax in between sessions.

You can also add water features like waterfalls or fountains to make the pool more inviting, and decorate the courtyard with furniture or items that your kids will enjoy. Fill the outdoor space with colour, and make sure your poolside retreat is a place everyone can enjoy.

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