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Perth Pool Companies Can Help Homes Enjoy the Benefits of Fibreglass Pools

24 September

If every home is its owner’s castle, then a swimming pool—whether it’s a traditional concrete installation or a next-generation setup made of fibreglass—might very well be the crown jewel of each kingdom. Not only does a well-designed residential pool provide enjoyment and relaxation for family members, but it also serves as a highlight of gatherings and special occasions.

What are the Advantages of Fiberglass Swimming pools

For homeowners in Western Australia, the benefits of these in-home facilities are well within reach thanks to specialists such as established Perth pool companies like Guardian Pools. But before calling up these professionals, you need to determine if the installation that you are considering fits your preferences, budget, and time constraints. In a recent article for information portal wiseGEEK, contributor K T Solis noted the differences in maintaining the various types of swimming pools:

A concrete pool will often absorb algae, making it difficult to clean. In contrast, fibreglass swimming pools do not absorb algae. A pool owner merely needs to use a broom to direct algae toward the pool’s main drain. A fibreglass pool can be cleaned just as a bathtub is cleaned. Pool owners can use a simple cleanser to wipe away any dirt or rings left by body oil or sunscreen. 

Glass-reinforced plastic (GRP), which is the formal term for fibreglass, represents a functional fusion of elegant aesthetics and state-of-the-art technology, providing greater durability, thermal insulation, and surface area for less weight than traditional construction components. Aside from the ease in maintenance highlighted above, a GRP pool also offers a much better heat storage capacity, allowing swimmers to enjoy warmer waters well into the night.

Compared with other designs, a GRP pool requires minimal setup time since it can be delivered and fitted into a backyard in one piece; this feature permits the installation to be used right away even with only nominal additions such as pumps, drains, filters, and chemical feeders. In addition, a fibreglass pool is extremely resistant to stains, ensuring a longer service lifetime and a reduced need for maintenance.

With all these advantages, it’s no surprise that GRP designs have become one of the leading choices for residential pools today. In Western Australia Fibreglass Pools also represent great value for money and are cheaper than other types of pools such as concrete, due to their far less labour intensive installation process. Through the expertise of manufacturers and installers of fibreglass pools in Perth such as Guardian Pools, families in Western Australia can enjoy safer and more reliable swimming facilities right in the comfort of their own homes.


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