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Perth Swimming Pools: Building the Ideal Contemporary Aussie Backyard

10 June

Throughout the years, a lot has changed in the way residential properties Down Under are designed and built. Homes constructed in the 1980s, for instance, have a somewhat different look from those built in succeeding decades. In terms of design and function, the backyard has undergone a notable transformation.

Perth Swimming Pools

Experts have observed that in general, backyards in Western Australia these days are much smaller, easier to maintain, and more modern in appearance. So-called designer backyards now typically range in size from 50-100 metres (as opposed to 150 metres in earlier years), have much smaller gardens, and sport neutral but sophisticated colour schemes. That being said, you need not sacrifice child’s play or outdoor recreation even if you have rather limited backyard space.

Despite shrinking lot sizes, you can still have the ideal Aussie backyard. You can count on trusted swimming pool manufacturers like Guardian Pools, for instance, to install Perth swimming pools that suit the look and size of any backyard. These professional contractors can transform your bare backyard into a prime outdoor living space that makes your chic contemporary home infinitely more appealing.

Maximise Your Outdoor Space

With the local climate warm and sunny for most of the year, it is not entirely surprising that Perth swimming pool sales remain largely unaffected by shifts in home design. Even if you have a relatively small or narrow outdoor space, you can still find room for a pool. You can add a charming plunge pool in a traditionally boxed yard or a slender lap pool in a more rectangular one.

Instead of letting your outdoor space go to waste, you can use it as a lounging area or incorporate it into your fitness regimen. Swimming, after all, is an excellent low-impact exercise that promotes cardiovascular health, builds strength and endurance, and tones your physique.

Design Features to Consider

You can furnish your backyard with couches or state-of-the-art kitchen equipment, but the important thing is to pick items that are made to withstand the elements. If your property has an open plan living arrangement, you can make the transition from the indoors to the outdoors even more seamless by adding stylish glass fences.

Provide your family the perfect way to cool down and take it easy on a hot summer’s day. Consult pool experts about choosing the type of pool design that suits your lifestyle and preferences.

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