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Perth Swimming Pools for Sale: An Effective Medium for Weight Loss

22 December

Weight issues keep throwing new problems, while the weight loss industry keeps throwing new solutions. Yet, the preconception of weight loss is neutralising all efforts in creating a remedy.

This refers to the “eat less, exercise more” doctrine, which sounds sensible on paper, but is identified by obesity experts as being effective mostly for short-term weight loss. On top of that, past studies supporting this doctrine generally failed to consider the biological functions of the human body. In short, there are far worse offenders lurking in your cells than a tub of ice cream and a large bag of potato chips—but this doesn’t mean exercise is pointless. Quality over quantity.


Instead of investing more time in exercising moderately, invest less time by doing more intensive exercises. Experts suggest aerobics as a way to increase the rate of burning fat. The weight you lose will come back unless weight loss outguns weight gain. Aerobics harnesses as many muscles as possible, especially the big ones, to maximise the amount of fat burned at a given time.

Swimming is a good example of a low-impact yet effective aerobic exercise. Not only does it burn as much as a thousand calories (depending on one’s weight), it’s also easy on the body. Water bears half of game of thrones season7 your weight waist-deep, reducing the impact of any exercise routine even on injured limbs. The more your body is immersed, the less weight your body will bear during physical activity.

Many Perth swimming pools for homes are designed with overall wellness in mind. The rectangular pool, for example, enables you to do laps. Although there’s no magic number as to the ideal number of laps, experts say it’s important to divvy them between rest periods to avoid overworking your muscles. If possible, conduct swimming exercises with a partner or loved ones to make it more fun as well as motivating.

Don’t have a pool in your backyard yet? You can get started with your swimming fitness regimen quickly with the help of established pool companies in Perth. Companies like Guardian Pools, for instance, manufacture and install fibreglass pools, in which premade shells are delivered on-site. With some digging and plumbing work, swimming pools for sale in Perth can be set up as soon as possible. Whether for exercise or leisure, pools are great long-term investments.

So go ahead and enjoy your favourite snacks and sweets (in moderation, though). Just make sure you can get rid of at least as much or more than the calories you consumed through an aerobic, low-impact exercise like swimming.

(Source: Why exercise doesn’t always help you lose weight, ABC, January 15, 2015)