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Perth Swimming Pools Help People Under Stress Put ‘Mind Over Matter’

Perth Swimming Pools Help People Under Stress Put ‘Mind Over Matter’

17 March

What do you do when work gets you down? Break out the swim ring.

For the longest time, swimming has been associated with physical and mental health benefits. When you’re not busy doing laps to lose weight, you can bask under the sun while lying on your pool air mattress without a care in the world. Lounging in the pool can’t solve all your problems, but it does refresh your mind and helps you face things with a clearer perspective.

Perth Swimming Pools Help People Under Stress Put ‘Mind Over Matter’

Scientific data regarding the psychological benefits of swimming may be scarce, but you need only look at related theories to arrive at a logical conjecture. For one, you need total body coordination and utter focus to swim even a single lap in good form, and this means you will have to take your mind off other things. Even when you’re not swimming laps, staying afloat requires a proper mind-body connection.

Stress levels vary by profession, but those who stand to mentally benefit from quality Perth swimming pools are those in sales. In a survey of less than 50,000 sales support workers by Melbourne-based research firm Roy Morgan Research, nearly half of participants claimed they faced considerable stress at work. Group account director Angela Smith said these professionals face a double whammy challenging customer demands and low pay.

Regardless of your profession, a pool in your home can make a significant difference in how you perceive work as a whole. A fibreglass pool from a trusted builder like Guardian Pools can also reduce the stress of owning a pool even further, with its ease of installation and low maintenance requirements. Builders simply lay out the groundwork and plumbing, and in it goes.

Perth will need the efforts of every skilled individual to sustain its economic growth in the years to come. That being said, the human body can only work so hard and for so long without any relaxation. Given the overall high demand from those who seek a sound retreat from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, it is not at all surprising that Perth swimming pool sales figures remain robust. Go ahead and take the plunge; you deserve it.

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