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Plunge Pools: The Best Heating Options

24 August

Despite the number of Olympians from the country, swimming is more than just a sport for Australians. In Perth, homeowners invest in plunge pools and make them their outdoor centrepiece for everyone to enjoy.

When it gets too chilly to go for a swim, however, homeowners look for reliable sources of warmth to heat their pool. These are the three most suitable heating options for your plunge pools:

Gas Pool Heater

No matter the weather, a gas pool heater is an excellent piece of equipment that homeowners may use for keeping their pool warm. They are cost-effective and often wall-mounted for space-efficient solutions. Since they are built for both indoor and outdoor applications, they are designed to rapidly heat up the pool quickly in the colder seasons.

Solar Pool Heating

Solar pool heating is popular for Australian residential pools. Solar collectors utilise low energy processes for magnifying harvested heat and transferring it to the plunge pool. Don’t worry about them being an eyesore – they are tailored to suit roofs of any shape, size or colour, blending in well with your house’s exterior.

Pool Heat Pumps

Pool heat pumps are one of the most reliable partners in heating pools. Described as an air conditioning system working in reverse, electric heat pumps take in cool air through a fan and convert it to heat. The warmth is then transferred to the pool via a heat exchanger. Because the mechanism involves absorbing air, the system will not have a huge impact on your electricity bill.

Guardian Industries is an Australian provider of plunge pools in Perth. They understand the health benefits and the fun that you and your family can enjoy from a pool in the comfort of your own home. For a detailed quote or more for information about our plunge pools, visit our website or call us today (08) 9529 4461.