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Plunge Pools Make Excellent Therapy Pools

28 March

Plunge pools make for excellent therapy pools — small, compact and easy to heat, they have a variety of uses in physiotherapy. Plunge pools are also quick and easy to install and popular among homeowners who want a small-sized pool that encourages healing and relaxation.

Due to its minimal space requirements, plunge pools are also more affordable than lap pools or other larger pools, and easy to heat or cool depending on your needs. At Guardian Pools, we offer a wide range of fibreglass plunge pools, pre-fabricated and ready for use. After ordering, it is just a matter of measuring your available space and installing your pool. Then, you can enjoy all of the therapeutic benefits the pool has to offer, including:

Microtrauma Repair

When a person engages in strenuous exercise, microscopic tears appear in the muscles. This is known as microtrauma, and is one of the reasons why you ache and feel sore the day after you exercise. Microtrauma is generally a good thing, as it triggers cell activity in the muscles, making them stronger and bulkier.

Too much microtrauma, however, can affect athletic performance and increase the risk of further injury. This may require several days of recuperation and rest.

Excessive microtrauma can also lead to Delated Onset Muscle Soreness or DOMS, which is a type of muscle inflammation. A dip in a plunge pool is highly beneficial to people suffering from DOMS, as it minimises inflammation and soothes soreness.

Water buoyancy also helps support the body and lessen the strain on the muscles while they heal.

Conditioning and Revitalisation

Plunge pools also encourage conditioning and revitalisation. The water helps relax the muscles and revitalises the body, making you feel lighter and more refreshed.

Heat exhaustion and fatigue are quite common in Australia, especially during the summer. With the record-breaking temperatures of recent years, the hot, harsh weather can quickly tire you out. A dip in a plunge pool is an excellent way to revitalise yourself and cool off, helping you be ready for your next activity.

Temperature Contrast Therapy

Temperature contrast therapy is the use of both warm and cool water to combat fatigue, minimise inflammation and increase blood circulation. At home, this can be achieved with a heated plunge pool and cold outdoor shower.

By moving from the cold shower, to the hot pool, and then repeating the process again, you improve your blood flow and flush out the body’s inflamed chemical mediators. It also does wonders for joint health, and is ideal for those who are suffering from joint injuries.

Of course, plunge pools are also perfect for those who just want an alternative to relaxing in a bathtub. Sit back, enjoy the water, and rest until you are ready to move on.

Guardian Pools is your source for fibreglass plunge pools and lap pools. We are one of the leading pool businesses in the region, and have built a reputation for excellence.

Get your plunge pool at Guardian Pools today. Contact us now for more information.