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Plunge Pools Make Lasting Impressions in Little Spaces

23 February

Thinking about whether or not to install a pool at your home in Perth? If you’re still on the fence, consider this: Swimming pools offer numerous benefits, from stimulating blood circulation to increasing your property’s market value. With that said, maybe it is high time you have one installed at home.

If your primary concern is available space, don’t fret. A plunge pool features a diameter small enough to fit even in compact garden spaces. With one at home, the household may experience a health boost and take in better aesthetics.

Plunge Pool

Time in a Plunge Pool Gives You a Health Boost

You don’t need a lap pool to burn calories. Although it is not wide enough to swim laps across, a plunge pool is ideal for some water aerobics and resistance training – you may even add adjustable water jets for hydrotherapy.

These pool activities improve blood circulation and increase immunity as well. Repeated cold water plunges, for instance, aid in blood pressure stabilisation, allowing your organs to absorb more nutrients and more easily flush out toxins.

Plunge Pools Leave Lasting Impressions

Because of its small diameter, a plunge pool creates a massive impact despite occupying a small space. It adds a focal point that allows your family and guests to relax just by observing it across the lawn or from the windows.

On another note, a plunge pool’s compactness lets it heat faster than bigger pools, resulting in lower heating costs. Speaking of costs, installing one at home can increase the home’s market value as well.

If the aesthetics and health advantages are not enough for you, consider this: a plunge pool is low-maintenance compared to larger ones. With that said, expect your life to be easier with a little less to clean.

At Guardian Industries, we have gorgeous plunge pools that help you stay fit and healthy. Contact us today for more information!