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Pool Companies in Perth: How to Choose a Colour for Your Pool Finish

14 August

Aside from the actual swimming experience, the ability to fully customise your pool’s appearance can be immensely satisfying. Pool companies in Perth give you the freedom to choose the shape, style, size and even the colour of your pool. Colour, in particular, can impact your pool’s appearance to a significant degree. For instance, a darker colour can make a relatively shallow pool seem deeper. Therefore, you should carefully consider all factors other than your personal preference before settling on a pool finish colour.

Colour for Your Pool Finish

Light and Climate

Perth has fairly warm and sunny weather most of the time. Sunlight helps make the water in your fibreglass swimming pool look more vibrant as it reflects the sky above. To complement the sunny climate, many residents choose rich shades of blue such as midnight, twilight, diamond blue and night blue that are reminiscent of the Mediterranean Sea. If you have an indoor pool, you may want to have pool lights installed to make the colour more pronounced.

Water Depth

Deep pools appear dark, especially in direct light. Multi-depth pools will have different colours, though, as you go from the shallower to the deeper points. This is often the case with fibreglass pools that offer more depth than width, particularly in small backyards. Lighter colours are usually the best choices if you want a deep pool with a vivid glow. Bright azures that call to mind the water of the Caribbean make excellent choices. You can’t go wrong with shades like evergreen, tropical or aqua blue.


The water in your pool can also reflect the things in your environment. For instance, a red-painted house will find some of its redness reflected on the pool. The same can happen with all the greenery, walls or fences that surround your pool. To achieve this effect, choose light finish colours like sand, white granite, grey granite or ivory sand. Otherwise, go for darker colours that provide a bolder contrast to the surrounding environment.

Companies like Guardian Pools offer a wide selection of pool finish colours and extras that can transform your backyard into a veritable oasis.

Selecting the Pool Color, Things That Inspire