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Installing a Pool? Here’s What You Need to Look for in a Pool Company

17 November

Fibreglass PoolHomeowners can have a valuable addition to their home with a well-designed swimming pool. They’re not just an aesthetic enhancement; they’re also a functional water feature which you and your family can enjoy. Deciding to install a pool is one thing, finding a credible pool company is another. What should you look for in a pool company?


Choosing a pool for your home can be a complicated process, you have to consider which area to use, what size of pool to install, what design will add the wow factor, among other things. If you were to choose a contractor, you would want someone who can guide you through the process, which comes from years of experience.

An experienced pool company can advise you on all aspects of your new pool, from the size, shape and depth, down to the tile colour and finish, making the whole process much easier for you.

Knowledge in Pool Maintenance

It takes regular maintenance to keep your pool clean and visually appealing. Look for a pool company who can advise you, and maybe even assist you, in pool maintenance. It is recommended to visit the pool company and talk to them about your requirements. You may also want to reach out to previous clients to see how their pool turned out.


While you understand that installing a pool is not a quick process, you should also know that a good pool company will not cause you any delays. Find a pool company who will complete the job when they said they would, so you can enjoy your pool at the first opportunity. Guardian Industries understands that finding a pool company who lives up to the required standards can be a challenge.

As such, we make it our goal to deliver products and services the way our clients want them. As the leading pool company, we provide a pool installation and design services throughout Perth. Be it a small pool or a large pool, you can count on us to deliver a great addition to your property. Contact Guardian Industries for a free no obligation quotation today.