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Pool Culture Each Lap or Plunge Pool in Perth Helps Define the Region

Pool Culture: Each Lap or Plunge Pool in Perth Helps Define the Region

16 March

Perth has more pools than any other city in Australia, according to a recent survey.

Pool culture is strong in Perth, with 18 percent of roughly 16,000 households in the 2014 survey owning a pool. Perth managed to outnumber pool owners in the entire state of Queensland, which came second at 17 percent. Pool ownership in all of Western Australia, meanwhile, is pegged at 9 percent, at par with the City of Adelaide.

Pool Culture Each Lap or Plunge Pool in Perth Helps Define the Region

According to Angela Smith, group account director of Melbourne-based research firm Roy Morgan Research, climate conditions and household demographics fuel Perth’s pool culture. The region’s Mediterranean climate ensures warm and sunny days throughout most of the year, as well as temperatures of up to 32°C. Even the autumn months of March to May are considered an extension of summer.

Households in capital cities, according to Smith, generate 25 percent more income than in the rural areas and consequently have adequate financial sources for installing and maintaining a pool, whether a lap or plunge pool in Perth. Households with children above six are also likely to have a pool installed.

It’s unlikely for other cities to surpass Perth’s pool culture anytime soon, even with lot sizes within the region shrinking. According to a report by the Urban Development Institute of Australia, the average lot size among Australia’s five largest capital cities—including Perth—is just a tenth of an acre. Still, job orders for new pools keep coming.

This can be attributed to the fact that people have learned that lot size is no longer a major impediment to owning a lap pool in Perth. Experienced pool builders like Guardian Pools can install fibreglass pools that are big enough for serious swimmers yet still leave ample backyard space for landscaping features. A dash of creativity and resourcefulness certainly goes a long way in making this feat possible.

Whether for recreation or exercise, pools are a great addition to any home, big or small. Trust pool builders like Guardian Pools to equip your home with a stylish, durable, and affordable fibreglass pool that lets you beat the heat and take part in Australia’s growing pool culture.

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