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Pool Maintenance When You Have a Dog that Loves to Swim

13 September

Dog lovers who are also pool owners have two major concerns about letting their dogs swim: cleaning the pool and the dog’s safety. This comes with the questions of how to keep their fur from clogging the filters and which cleaning products are safe for dogs. If you really want your four-legged friend to enjoy the pool with you, here are some maintenance tips you can try:

Give your dog a good brushing before letting them in the pool.

Brushing your dog helps remove loose fur and other dirt caught in your pet’s fur. This can minimise the amount of fur and dirt that gets into your pool. You could even go the extra mile and buy a de-shedding brush and shampoo so that your dog sheds even less fur.

Manually clean the pool after every use.

Even when your dog doesn’t go into the pool, it’s always a good habit to get into, to clean the pool every time someone uses it. This helps to prevent the filter from clogging. You can manually skim the pool’s surface or invest in a quality automated skimmer or a robotic cleaner.

Make sure you use the right amount of chlorine.

Using chlorine for cleaning the pool water is OK for your dog as long as you only use the recommended amount for your pool. Just make sure that your dog has no access to the pool chemical containers and that your dog does not enter the pool while the water is still being treated.

Some pet owners prefer salt water chlorinators because they produce a low level of chlorine. Some give their dog a rinse to wash out the pool water after each use.

We don’t generally recommend you let your dog swim in the pool regularly but on the odd occasion, you don’t really have too much to worry about. As for the maintenance, just remember to groom your pet before swimming and do a clean up after. This will help keep your pool looking good and keep the filter system in good working order.

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