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Pool pH Balance: What Makes Fiberglass Pools Very Easy to Maintain?

31 August

Swimming pools serve as year-round refuges from the relatively hot weather in Perth. To ensure your pool water is kept in pristine condition for your maximum enjoyment it is necessary to maintain the proper chemical balance of the water. If you haven’t installed one yet, fiberglass pools are definitely worth looking into, as they require the least maintenance compared to other types of pools.

Pool pH Balance

The importance of keeping pool water balanced

Water balance in pools comprises predominantly the pool waters pH level, Total Alkalinity and chlorine level amongst others. If you prefer DIY pool maintenance, you’ll need test strips, a drop kit and chemicals to maintain the right pH and chlorine levels.

The ideal pH range for pool water is 7.0 to 7.4. Below this range, the chemical concentration is considered corrosive and can damage metal components in installations like lights and heat exchangers. Chlorine, a chemical that controls algal formation, would also be less stable and gets used up fast. Conversely, water with pH above the ideal range can appear cloudy and form scales because the calcium in source water can be hard to dissolve when the pH is high.

The inert fibreglass pool

A fibreglass pool derives its low maintenance requirements from its inherent design. Apart from being non-porous and therefore more resistant to algal formation, the surface is also inert, meaning it doesn’t react to chemicals in the water. This attribute gives it a significant advantage over highly alkaline cement-based pools that constantly interfere with pH levels and which require the regular addition of acid.

Moreover, you won’t have a constant battle with your pools pH and Total Alkalinity level between your pool’s surface and its ideal water balance all the time. Additionally, the fewer chemicals you use, the better for Mother Nature and for your pocket.

There are many other benefits that a fibreglass pool can offer. If you wish to learn more about these, you may consult trusty local pool companies in Perth such as Guardian Pools.


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