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Pools in Perth: A Brief History

18 May

Swimming pools in Perth weren’t always the postcard-worthy, state-of-the-art outdoor structures that they are today. Before, homeowners used to dip their toes into basins of chlorinated water, the people of Perth had to be resourceful about cooling down during summer.

Feet in Swimming Pool

A Blast from the Past

Since pools in Perth were novel luxuries back then, people who were tired of seeing nude stunts in the Swan River demanded a public swimming pool. Eventually, the council was persuaded to build the Perth City Baths in 1898 on the banks of the Swan where Elizabeth Quay now stands. According to Richard Offen from Heritage Perth, its design was very ornate and Moorish, decorated with flamboyant cupolas.

A Creative Use of Resources

Janet Gatt was one of the very first residents with a pool. She moved in with her family at the foot of Mount Eliza in 1954 in a house on Mounts Bay Road. Knowing they were in a suburb close to a source of excellent groundwater from the mountains, her mother asked workers to dig up a caved enclosure in their backyard. Despite the endless supply of water from Mount Eliza, however, not a lot of homeowners had the same grand idea of installing a pool.

Started from the Bottom, Now We’re Here

The pools of Perth today no longer resemble man made sinks in the ground but rather boast the architectural prowess and artistry of many of its homeowners. Luxury home builder Daniel Scafetta, for instance, wanted a peaceful outdoor centrepiece for his Attadale house and thought a swimming pool would fit the bill. Using his knowledge and skills in building his infinity pool complete with stone and glass mosaic tiles is now his home’s most valuable attraction.

Compared to Perth’s history of communal and improvised baths, there is more flexibility in the construction and design of pools today. Fibreglass, vinyl-lined, concrete and above ground pools are just a few amongst the favourites of Perth’s residents. With the help of technology, people may install lights, heating systems, remote controlled cleaners etc – staying cool in the summer has never been easier.

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