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Practise Your Front Crawl in a Backyard Lap Pool

15 May

For many swimmers, freestyle is the fastest way of swimming. It is a straightforward speed-based technique that requires minimal movement from your body when compared to other strokes like the butterfly. When done right, this signature Olympian stroke allows you to cover a large distance efficiently.

Practice is key to perfecting freestyle. When you have a lap pool in your garden, you can easily put in the hours and train in the comfort of your own home. If you’re new to the stroke, or just want to brush-up on your technique, here are some tips to help you master freestyle.

Get into the Groove

With freestyle, start with basic breathing techniques, form and movement:

  • Breathing– Begin by practising a quick breathing exercise. Inhale above water and exhale underwater. Repeat the exercise until you’ve found your rhythm. When swimming, try not to lift your head out of the water, but turn your head as smoothly as possible so half your face remains submerged.
  • Arm Movement– To try out the arm movements, stand in the pool, bend your body forward into the water. Stretch your arms out in front and let the tips of your fingers touch. Push one arm down; the arm should be slightly bent before your hand enters the water.follow adder coupon review Pull through the water in a circular motion until it comes up, out of the water next to your thigh; bring it around to its original position. Do the same with your other arm. Alternate your two arms until you’re used to the movement.
  • Body Rotation– Whilst racing, the idea is to keep your body as flat as possible to promote streamline movement through the water. You will rotate your body slightly with each arm rotation, moving your shoulders and hips for momentum. Coordinate your body rotation with your arm movements so that your torso faces the direction of your working arm. Don’t forget to breathe each time you twist your torso.
  • The Kick– Once you’re ready, lift your body until you’re floating on the surface of the water. Extend your legs and start light kicking motions to keep your body afloat and propel yourself forward. Your legs should be close together and your ankles relaxed.
  • All Together– Push off from the side so you are floating, and then put all the steps together. Practice doing laps across your pool to improve your speed as well as your hand-and-body coordination.

What Freestyle Does to Your Body

Swimming is a low-impact sport that firms every muscle in your body and boosts metabolism. With an excellent workout routine in the pool, you will see a significant improvement in your health over time.

Whenever you practice freestyle, you give your body a proper aerobic workout. In fact, you burn around 330 calories every thirty minutes when you do the stroke. Resistance from the water gets your core and arm muscles working, strengthening them in the process.

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