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Private Swimming Pools Are Excellent for Teaching Children How to Swim

10 February

Swimming pools are proving very popular with Australian homeowners. The top areas for pool ownership are Sydney on the east coast and Perth on the west. Surprisingly, it’s not just warm weather that prompts families to install a pool. A little over 15% of families with kids in the 6-11 age bracket have a pool, and that figure increases to 20% for those with children 12-15 years old.

Swimming lessons at home:

Public swimming pools the world over run swimming lessons for toddlers upward. In many countries, swimming lessons are built into the school curriculum, showing how much emphasis is placed on teaching children to swim from an early age.

private swimming pools

Pressure of work, young siblings in the brood or other family commitments sometimes make it extremely difficult to get the kids to swimming lessons. Public pools can also be cramped and a large number of participants may affect the quality of training the children will receive. It becomes much easier if they can be taught to swim at home. Luckily, with the number of professional pool companies such as Guardian Pools, a provider of high quality fibreglass swimming pools for sale in Perth and nearby areas, finding a pool that blends with the size and decor of one’s backyard is not a problem at all.

Swimming for life:

Swimming is a form of exercise, a great sport and pastime, a social activity and a survival skill. Children will gain a lot if they learn to swim early on. A swimming pool in their own backyard gives them access to all the space they need, along with the practice and play time that is required to master the skill. Parents cannot deny the benefits of taking the plunge. With the beautiful climate enjoyed by the majority of Aussies, installing a pool seems like a no-brainer!


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