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Rectangular Swimming Pool in Perth Advantages and a Few Design Tips

Rectangular Swimming Pool in Perth: Advantages and a Few Design Tips

19 March

Do you fancy a formal garden? Make sure you choose design elements based on structure rather than ornamentation alone. The features and accents you pick for your garden should have clean lines, a sleek form, and simple yet classy details. You need trimmed hedges or angular garden beds, smooth and straight fences, rectilinear decking, and minimalist furniture.

Rectangular Swimming Pool in Perth Advantages and a Few Design Tips

Another way to highlight the formality of the space is to use a classical or symmetrical layout. You could have parallel lines of similar shrubs that are marked by identical statues or fountains at opposite ends. You could highlight paths with lighting or a neat row of perennial plants. Make sure the whole look is balanced and complementary to your home to create harmony that’s quite pleasing to the eyes.

If you want to add a pool to improve the garden’s aesthetics and usefulness, the best shape to choose would be the classic rectangle. It’s sleek and simple, and it can certainly fit a formal landscape. The long, narrow shape can help you create a perfectly composed transition from your indoor to the outdoor living space, especially when you’ve got furnishings in similar rectilinear shapes, such as a shade for lounging around during warm days or benches around the pool for sunbathing.

Not into Formal?

A rectangular swimming pool in Perth is equally at home in a formal garden setting as it is in a more laidback yard.  The long, narrow configuration can also be seamlessly placed in a stretched but slender yard. You can have a small lap pool at the side of your home or an elongated plunge pool in your courtyard. If the space is really narrow, you can build a vertical garden or green wall (instead of traditional horizontally oriented landscaping). This design approach helps you maximise your outdoor living space and creates an aesthetically pleasing relaxation zone.

Fibreglass pools come in different lengths, widths, depths, and colours and finishes. Established pool companies in Perth like Guardian Pools have a wide selection of rectangular pool styles, so you can choose a lap or plunge pool with the exact specifications that suit your lifestyle and design preferences.

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