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Selecting the Colour for Your Pool

21 October

When deciding to install a swimming pool for your home, the colour and finish aren’t the first things that come to mind. As an aesthetic concern, many homeowners tend to decide on the size, shape and other aspects of the pool first.

But, while it may not be a major concern for homeowners, the pool colour can add a wow factor to the space. It’s important to pick a colour that complements the surrounding space and the rest of your home. Here are a few tips to help you choose the right colour for your pool.

Selecting the Colour for Your Pool

Water Is Not Blue

Water is clear, not blue. It looks blue when it reflects the colour of the sky, or when it is treated with chlorine and other similar substances. So, when choosing your pool colour, it doesn’t always have to be a shade of blue.

The pool will reflect other colours and lights. Choose a colour that reflects the colour of your garden, for instance, the colour of the flowers, or furniture. Or a colour that suits the type of house, if a modern, mainly glass house, perhaps a dark colour would be more suited.

Contrast Is Key

The pool will naturally become the centre piece of your space once installed. To make it become more of a feature, it could contrast with the surrounding area. If bright shades dominate the place, choose a surface in dark hues such as midnight blue, gray and ash.  If earthy shades take over the space, then you may want to use lighter variations of blue and green, as well as sandy colours.

No matter what your preferred choice of pool colour may be, you can find one to suits your taste from the options offered by Guardian Pools. As a trusted manufacturer and designer of swimming pools in Perth, we have a wide collection of attractive pool colours and finishes. If you’re planning to install a swimming pool for your home, you can trust our team to complete the job efficiently.

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