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Should You Choose a Lap Pool or a Plunge Pool for Your Perth Home?

11 August

Pools make a lovely year-round respite under Perth’s warm and sunny weather, especially during summer when the heat can be too much to handle. It’s no surprise, therefore, that pools have become a staple feature in many Perth homes. Fibreglass pools, in particular, are great options due to their durability, low maintenance requirements, and overall aesthetic appeal. When it comes to pool shape and size, however, should you go for a lap pool or a plunge pool?

Plunge Pool for Your Perth Home

Lap Pool. Lap pools are generally designed for swimmers or individuals who would like to maintain a certain level of fitness. Such a pool is long enough for anyone to perform a considerable number of strokes with every lap, and deep enough for a tumble turn at each end. The lap section is typically free of obstructions like ladders and steps, and the sides are made straight so the swimmer can move through the water smoothly and safely.

Ideally, the length should correspond to the swimmer’s skill level. A competitive swimmer may find a shorter pool less satisfactory compared to those who simply like to swim laps every once in a while to stay fit. Typically, though, lap pools come in a straight rectangle (lap lane look) and measure around 10 x 2.5 meters.

Plunge pool. Unlike lap pools, plunge pools aren’t made for high-impact exercises and pool games because of their smaller dimensions. They do, however, provide the perfect cooling dip on a hot summer’s day, and serve as a place to chill out with friends or family after a long and tiring day. Your plunge pool can take virtually any shape—free form, semi-circular, geometric or a combination—depending on the space available. Plunge pools can also double as spas, albeit relatively bigger and deeper. Options such as swim jets can be installed which provide a current of water to swim against, or the popular swim tether original system fitted exclusive to Guardian Pools.

Plunge pools are very popular amongst suburban homes where block sizes are not as big. Many buyers opt to have plunge pools installed to enhance their backyard’s visual appeal or provide an alfresco venue for entertaining family and friends.

Before you make your decision, you also have to weigh the needs and enjoyment of everyone who will be using the pool. Do you have kids or teens who love the water and are, perhaps, training as swimmers? Will elderlies take advantage of a plunge pool’s therapeutic benefits? Whichever you decide to buy, you can purchase a smooth fibreglass lap or plunge pool from leading Perth companies such as Guardian Pools.

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