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Small Pools: Turning Your Backyard into a Relaxing Paradise

21 November

backyard swimming poolYour backyard presents many opportunities for customisation and design. One attractive centrepiece can transform all that extra space from a plain area to a beautiful paradise. Small fibreglass pools are an excellent choice. Apart from adding elegance to the area, they are perfect to use for rest and relaxation.

You can turn your backyard into a relaxing sanctuary, thanks to small swimming pools. Here are some ways to do exactly that: Install a Plunge Pool and Decorate the Surrounding Area. Shallow pools work well for occasional dips and swims, and are perfect for a household with a lot of kids. A plunge pool is both small and shallow, and is suitable for these purposes.

For a spa-inspired outdoor area, you may want to install the pool in the middle of your backyard. Decorate the surrounding areas with outdoor furnishings such as wooden tables and chairs, rocks and potted plants, for a tropical look. If you’re concerned about falling leaves and branches that may make the water dirty, try installing a shade sail above it. This will help keep the debris from getting into the pool, and enhance the aesthetic appeal of the area at the same time.

Having a small pool means it will not be costly to heat so take advantage of this by installing a pool heating system and turn your pool into a warm and relaxing outdoor spa! If you want to upgrade your backyard with a new pool, you have to work with a pool company who will let you do exactly that. The pool team at Guardian Industries are the team to trust when it comes to purchasing your new pool.

We benefit from decades of experience in the manufacture and design of a wide range of fibreglass pools. You can count on us to advise you on what type is right for your home and have it installed for immediate use and enjoyment. Call Guardian Industries today.