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Springtime is the Perfect Time for Perth Plunge Pools Installation

20 October

Perth is known for its sunshine. The sunniest Australian capital city gets about 3000 hours of it a year and, as any West Australian knows, they are glorious.

There is something about the way the sun reflects off the water at Cottesloe beach, opens up flowers in Kings Park and lights up that trademark clear Perth sky.

Today, Perth got an early taste of that WA warmth.

The temperature reached 34.2C just before 3pm, passing the record for a hot September day set almost 100 years ago when it reached 32.7C on September 30, 1918.

The spring months are when temperatures start to soar in Western Australia, and one September day this year was deemed hotter than usual. In fact, it was the hottest there ever was. If you endured through Perth’s hottest day on record, then you were likely scampering for ways to cool off and beat the heat. Perhaps it’s time to finally have the inground pool you’ve always wanted.

Perth Basks in Record Hot Day

Now is the best time to talk to a professional installer of a plunge or lap pool in Perth

With the weather heating up, there is no better time than now to invest in a plunge or lap pool installation for your home, making sure that you’ll get the most out of the warmer seasons while they’re in full swing. If you’re having a hard time to decide, take a look at a couple of good reasons to look into a swimming pool immediately:

The timing is perfect

The entire pool installation process—from obtaining a permit from your local council to adding the finishing touches to your inground pool and landscaping — can take many weeks, even months. By then, summer will already be well under way. Planning your pool installation today means you’ll maximize your enjoyment once summer hits.

It’ll improve your overall health

The health benefits of having a pool are undeniable. Apart from reducing stress, swimming provides a way to exercise your body and balance out your physical regimen. Simply playing in the water with your family for an afternoon is enough to have a positive impact on your physical fitness.

What are you waiting for?

All indicators say that the upcoming summer is bound to be an extremely warm one. Having a swimming pool installed by a trusted builder of lap and plunge pools in Perth offers you the best way to truly beat the heat.
(Source: Perth Basks in Record Hot Day, The West Australian, Sep. 20, 2014)