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Spruce Up Your Yard with a Pool from Guardian Pools

06 September

If your backyard has extra space that can use an upgrade, why not add a kidney pool? Kidney pools are a valuable property investment that has several long-term benefits. In addition to elevating the property’s aesthetic value and kerb appeal, having a kidney pool in your backyard gives you a convenient way to relax after a hard day’s work.

Design is one of the major considerations in any pool installation. Ideally, it should complement the theme of your home. Design experts have weighed in on pool design trends for 2018, and we have compiled them in one blog. Here are some examples of design trends that you can incorporate onto your kidney pool.

Dark colours

Pools typically come in blues and greens to enhance the colour of the water. Why not use dark pool finishes for a surprising twist? Dark finishes provide a dramatic look, with black and navy blue being the more popular options for pool colours. Dark colours give your pool the appearance of a lagoon, as they add an illusion of depth. Dark colours on pools are easily warmed by the sun. Good aesthetics combined with warm water result in greater relaxation while you’re taking a dip.

Landscaping your pool

Landscaping your pool adds a look and feel of luxury to your home. Adding plants around your pool area will complement the look of your yard. Meanwhile, landscaping using natural elements, like pebbles and wood, gives the space an organic charm. Placing gravel or stone around your pool is one of the easiest landscaping options for your kidney pool. Rocks offer a clean look while helping prevent weeds from growing around the pool.

Guardian Pools is a trusted provider of pools Guardian Pools is an established supplier of fibreglass pools in Perth. We have grown to become one of Western Australia’s leading pool suppliers trusted by clients in the areas we service. We have set high standards for quality and professional installation. Our team is in a continuous pursuit of better solutions.

Currently, we are developing improved fibreglass technology to create safer and more reliable pools for our clients. For enquiries on our range of pools, contact us on 08 9529 4461.

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