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Swimming Laps in Your Backyard Swimming Pool

27 September

One of the best ways to get into shape is to swim. Swimming is a full-body cardio workout that improves your endurance, burns fat, and is easy on the joints, making it a great option for those looking for an effective low-impact activity.

Whilst an Olympic sized swimming pool is the ideal place to swim laps, you can actually have a great workout in a much smaller pool. With the majority of homeowners not having the space for an Olympic pool, there are other options available.

Child swims in a swimming lap pool

Lap Pools

Lap pools are becoming increasingly popular, they are typically longer and narrower than most types of swimming pools and ideal for swimming laps. They can range from nine metres up to 25 meters in length and are typically 2-3 metres wide.

Since these pools are so narrow, they usually do not take up too much space and are increasingly popular for new homes or private gyms.

Plunge Pools

For an even smaller pool, there is the plunge pool. In comparison, they are typically 3-4 metres long and 2-3 metres wide. Plunge pools use specialised jets to produce a current in the water that allows you to swim against it. The water jets are completely adjustable to accommodate your speed.

Swim Tethers

Alternatively, you can use a swim tether. A swim tether is a type of harness that connects you to the side of the pool, and you can swim laps while remaining stationary. Guardian Industries provides quality swim tethers suitable for a wide range of pool styles and sizes.

Even with limited space, you can still swim laps and gain all the health benefits of an active lifestyle. For more information about our lap pools, contact us today.