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Swimming Pools in Perth: Creative Ideas to Encourage Your Kids to Swim

22 April

Did you know that learning how to swim at an early age can help children develop their physical and mental skills more rapidly? A recent study involving little Aussies (ages 4 and under) who took swimming lessons revealed that participants had advanced skills in reading, writing, counting, and other tasks, which put them months ahead of kids who didn’t swim.

Swimming Pools in Perth Creative Ideas to Encourage Your Kids to Swim

Of course, some children might not have a natural affinity for water and may even be terrified of it. Yet if you dread the thought of your child veering towards sedentary “leisure” activities that involve computer games, couch surfing, or excessive Internet browsing, then you should do everything to promote a more active lifestyle at home.

Aside from curbing obesity and other chronic health conditions, being active helps children achieve optimal physical development, gain confidence in their physical abilities, and find non-destructive means to relieve stress. Swimming is a great way to achieve all these things as it gets the heart going; strengthens the bones and muscles; promotes flexibility, coordination, and proper posture; and offers many other health benefits.

Would you like to encourage your kids to swim and be more active? Take your pick from the vast array of options when it comes to swimming pools in Perth. Here are also some creative ideas you can explore:

Fun Learning Strategies

Toddlers might find formal swimming lessons intimidating or even bewildering at first, so find ways to hold their interest and set them at ease. See if you or the instructor can make the experience fun and positively memorable by introducing an element of play with each lesson. This way, children can be more genuinely interested in learning proper breathing and coordination.

Cool Pool Features

Waterfalls, fountains, bubblers, water jets, and creative pool lighting help make the pool more charming. Make things even more exciting by adding a water slide of the appropriate length and height.

Established pool companies in Perth like Guardian Pools can help you explore your fibreglass pool options in terms of size, shape, depth, colour, and finish. Pretty soon, the challenge might not have to do with encouraging your children to swim but rather coaxing them out of the water after splashing around all day.



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