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Swimming Pools: Top 3 Pool Designs that Suit Any Active Lifestyle

22 June

Feel like you could use a boost in the work-life balance department? Perth’s very own Olympic prodigy, Brianna Throssell, may serve as an inspiration. The 19-year-old, who was recently dubbed “WA Swimmer of the Year”, is taking up physiotherapy and getting a pre-medicine certificate at Notre Dame University. She does all these while training for (and excelling at) prestigious athletic meets.

Swimming Pool

Throssell has been made Australia’s representative to the 200-metre butterfly event at the World Championships in Russia. What’s even more admirable about her is that she neither limits her goals nor devotes her life entirely to swimming. She talks of the sport as her passion but further declares that it’s the “pool of life” she plans to take a dive in and conquer.

Like Throssell, you, too, can make swimming an essential lifestyle activity. This low-impact exercise can improve your health, help relieve stress, and even become a long-term passion. You can participate in swimming races or triathlons if you’re a competitive swimmer or sports enthusiast. You can also swim as a way to unwind from your daily stresses.

If you wish to make swimming a regular part of your lifestyle, consider installing a pool in your backyard so you can take a dip or finish laps whenever you please. Be sure to pick a pool type that fits your lifestyle. These three choices may interest you:

Lap Pools for Fitness Buffs and Aspiring Athletes

Swimming pools of the appropriate length allow you to practice your strokes and improve your movements in the water. Very few households have both the means and the space to build 50-metre Olympic-size pools. Typically, lap pools with lengths of around 8 to 12 metres suit most Perth homes best. Some of these pools are also slender enough (about 2-3 metres in width) to fit in narrow backyards.

Plunge Pools for Laidback Individuals

Consider smaller pools for relaxation, especially if you have a small backyard or if you want to convert some of your outdoor space into an entertainment or lounge area. Fibreglass pool shells with dimensions of around 5 metres by 2 metres can serve your needs well. Equip the pool with a heater and other water features to create a comfortable, tranquil atmosphere.

Family Pools for Those who Find Fun in Groups

If you enjoy swimming with your family or friends, get a pool that’s large enough to accommodate your group. Established pool companies, like Guardian Pools of Perth, offer fibreglass swimming pools for sale in various sizes and configurations to meet your needs or preferred recreational activities.


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