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Spruce Up Your Yard with a Pool from Guardian Pools

06 September
Backyard clear pool

If your backyard has extra space that can use an upgrade, why not add a kidney pool? Kidney pools are a valuable property investment that has several long-term benefits. In addition to elevating the property’s aesthetic value and kerb appeal, having a kidney pool in your backyard gives you a convenient way to relax after […]

How Deep Should My Swimming Pool Be?

16 August
Child swims in a swimming lap pool

Determining the depth of a residential swimming pool can be confusing to a lot of homeowners. Choosing the right specifications matter, especially when safety is a major consideration. There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to the standard depth of swimming pools. But there are factors that can help you narrow down your options. The […]

Practise Your Front Crawl in a Backyard Lap Pool

15 May
Girl on a swimming practice

For many swimmers, freestyle is the fastest way of swimming. It is a straightforward speed-based technique that requires minimal movement from your body when compared to other strokes like the butterfly. When done right, this signature Olympian stroke allows you to cover a large distance efficiently. Practice is key to perfecting freestyle. When you have […]

Swimming Pool Prices in Perth Have Never Been Better

04 January
couple in pool

In Australia, it is common for a household to have a pool in the back garden. Pools provide a cool retreat from the summer heat, a way to keep fit, something to wear out the kids and a fun way to throw a party. They transform spaces into havens of leisure and relaxation, inevitably improving […]