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The Importance of a Clean Swimming Pool

09 March

Perth swimming pools are a welcome addition to any yard, especially when the mercury soars above 40 degrees on a hot summers day. There is not much better to look forward to than whacking on your bathers and taking the plunge after a hard days work. Great times can be had with friends and family playing in and around the pool soaking up the atmosphere, enjoying a cold drink and if you are lucky enough – a couple of shrimps on the BBQ!

Keeping Up with Appearances

For those summer parties and barbecues, there will be no greater mood killer than having a dirty pool. Keeping your pool water in tip top shape is easy if you follow a few simple steps.

clean swimming pool

Scoop leaves and debris regularly

Many pools are surrounded by lush gardens to give a tropical ambience to the outdoor entertaining area, this can allow leaves, twigs and other debris to enter the pool. Grabbing your telescopic pole and scoop will enable simple collection and removal of this floating matter and save it from dropping to the pool floor.

Empty your skimmer box basket periodically

All swimming pools are designed to circulate and filter water with filtration equipment, return jets and suction fittings. The return jets or eyeballs push water towards the skimmer box to complete the process. Floating debris is trapped in the skimmer box as the water is sucked through to the pool pump. The water then passes through the filtration system before returning to the swimming pool to repeat the process all over again. Make sure the skimmer basket is emptied periodically to ensure adequate circulation.

Backwash or clean your filter

Depending on the type of pool filter fitted you will either need to clean the cartridge element or backwash your sand or media filter. Ensuring your filtration system is clear of any debris will ensure water is circulated properly and help keep your pool water sparkling and fresh.

Check your pool water balance

Maintaining the correct chemical water balance of your pool water is key to a healthy pool and swimming environment. Test kits and test strips are available to ensure your pH, Total Alkalinity and Chlorine levels are all within the appropriate range. Testing your pool water is easy and should take no more than a few minutes.

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