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The Right Size Matters When Installing a Fiberglass Pool in Your Home

06 May

When planning to purchase a new fiberglass pool for your home in Perth, you have to start with envisioning the pool’s size. Fiberglass pools come in various sizes and shapes and your options will only be limited by the size of your yard and accessibility.


The actual size will depend on the shape and length of the fiberglass pool you choose. First, consider the available space you can work with. If the space is small, consider installing a pool that has a compact shape. Additionally, you should think about the number of people that will be using it. How often will the pool be used? How much patio space would you like around the pool? Will you add a gazebo? These are details you must consider before picking your swimming pool shape and size.

Installing Pool

Use Intended

What will you be using your swimming pool for? Will it be used for exercise and fitness or just playing around with family and friends. Lap pools are perfect for training whereas kidney shapes offer a more natural look and feel and are better suited for playing around. The depth of the pool is also important, having enough water in the deep end of the pool enables diving for rings and other pool toys. These kinds of activities can keep the kids entertained for hours.


Before purchasing your swimming pool, ensure that the Perth pool companies you rely on provide a quality finish and installation. Guardian Pools are one of the oldest fiberglass pool builders in the country and have built a solid reputation in the industry for quality product and exceptional service. Be sure you speak with them before installing your swimming pool.

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