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Top 3 Factors that Have Made Fibreglass Swimming Pools So Popular

12 August

Many Perth homeowners swear by fibreglass swimming pools, which outmatch other options in many ways. These pools are notable for their smooth, clean gel coat finish that is non-abrasive and free from sharp edges. The gel coat used is also very durable and non-porous, making it highly resistant to stains and less likely to accumulate algae, therefore requiring less maintenance. Additionally, because they’re prefabricated into a single giant piece and delivered to your home, installation can take a couple of days compared to other options that involve digging and creating a mess in your backyard for months.

Fibreglass Swimming Pools

Have a look at the top three features that have made fibreglass pools exponentially popular in recent years.

Durability. Tensile strength is a measurement of the maximum amount of stress a material can tolerate before breaking. In fibreglass pools, tensile strength is proportional to shell thickness. Higher quality fibreglass pools, whose thickness exceeds industry standards, are very resilient to changes in the weather and can easily flex in the event of soil movement without breaking or cracking.

Aesthetic appeal. Today’s fibreglass pools match the beauty of their concrete counterparts rather well. With seamless tiles and decking, plus loads of aesthetic options for homes of different types, sizes and value, there’s nothing not to like about fibreglass pools. You can choose from a variety of tiling, finishes, lighting systems, etc. Feature choices are very flexible, allowing you to customise your pool so that it blends perfectly with the rest of your home and your backyard.

Value for money. Fibreglass pools offer great value for money for their quick installation, exceptional strength and resistance to algae build up. Great savings on pool chemicals are afforded over the course of a year as compared with concrete pools, which need to have calcium, pH and total alkalinity levels checked regularly to ensure no damage to pool plaster surfaces.

Indeed, fibreglass pools are a sensible and practical investment when it comes to beautifying your landscape and providing your whole family a means to enjoy the outdoors. If you ever decide to check out swimming pool sales in Perth, see what leading pool companies like Guardian Pools have to offer.

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