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Useful and Beautiful: Why Perth’s Householders Choose Swimming Pools

26 October

Perth is the sunniest state capital in Australia, enjoying an average of 3,000 hours of sunshine every year. It’s no wonder that there are quite a few plunge pools across Perth. Pool-owners can enjoy a cool, revitalising dip after a day’s work, and be the envy of their pool-less friends. There is a swimming pool to suit all properties, too.







Plunge Pools
Plunge pools are small, just a few metres across, so are ideal for more compact gardens. They are named for their resemblance to natural plunge pools, deep eroded pools are sometimes found at the feet of waterfalls. It’s a romantic ideal to bathe in one of these, but you can experience the same refreshing submergence in an artificial backyard plunge pool.

A plunge pool is the perfect cool-off on a hot sunny summers day. They can be placed into decking, paving, or grassy areas. Their small surface area makes them the perfect choice for small backyards. Great features such as swim jet systems or Swim Tethers can be added to make you feel as though you are swimming laps in a pool of a much larger size. One of the most important benefits in today’s precious water society is that they do not use as much water as a standard sized swimming pool.

Lap Pools
If fitness or competitions are your thing, a lap pool in your Perth backyard could be hugely beneficial. Lap pools are generally around 1.5m depth and 9 -12 metres in length. You do not need a full Olympic-sized pool in your yard to reap the healthy benefits of swimming laps.

Our national team, the Australian Dolphin Swim team, is gearing up for another strong Olympic performance at Rio 2016, and it’s no surprise that many of our international swimming stars began at a young age. Former squad member Petria Thomas joined at only seventeen years of age and won her first international medal almost straight away.

Whether they have Olympic aspirations or not, kids who have access to a lap pool at home are at a distinct advantage. Swimming also invigorates the mind, and pool parties and barbecues are a perennial family favourite.

Recreational yet Functional

Apart from their functional uses, both lap pools and plunge pools can do double duty as water features. A well-placed pool reflecting outdoor decor, garden flowers, or architectural features can bring a real sense of tranquillity to your outdoor living space.

Most Australians appreciate that swimming is fantastic fun and great exercise, but relaxing is important too – and what could beat watching mirrored swathes of blue sky and dreamy Western Australian sunsets from beside your own private pool? Thankfully, you can get your own pool today from professional companies like Guardian Pools

The Australian Dolphins Swim Team re-launched on the Road to Rio,