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Want a Lap or Plunge Pool? Look no further than fiberglass

22 March

Fibreglass swimming pools have become a favourite of many homeowners. With a wide variety of styles and colour choices available, homeowners can have their pool installed and be swimming in a matter of weeks if not days! Installing a pool in your home in Perth will not only allow you to relax comfortably and provide a great space for outdoor entertaining, it will increase your home’s value as well. The installation of a fibreglass pool is paramount, and it is best when left to the professionals such as those from Guardian Pools. When installing a lap or plunge pool in your yard it is important to choose the right size and shape to suit your needs as well as the correct location and position. Consideration needs to be given to any existing structures such as patios, pergolas, sheds and trees as well as any other plants or obstacles. The pool must suit your chosen theme and blend in to its surroundings so it looks like a natural addition to your home.


Your backyard theme

Some people like to make a statement with their swimming pool choosing the latest modern colours and finishes with LED lighting and water features to display the pools fun characteristics. Others like a tropical paradise theme with a lagoon style pool with rocks at one end. Whether or not you want to add a nice alfresco area to dine outdoors during the summer months is a personal choice. There is not much better than a BBQ with friends and family on a hot summers day while dipping in and out of your new plunge or lap pool to cool off.

What is your pools purpose?

Many people install a swimming pool because they have young children and want to be able to cool off and play during the hot summer months. Others want to install a pool for fitness reasons or to swim laps to train for their next triathlon event. Therapeutic benefits are another reason many people install a plunge pool so they can relax their muscles in soothing heated water. Heating your pool is another great way to extend the season of your swimming pool to more than just summer swimming. Fit a pool cover and heater for all year round swimming and maximize your investment.