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Warm-Ups Before Jumping into Perth Swimming Pools Make for a Good Swim

26 February

Whether you’re preparing for a big swim meet or a casual dip in the pool, quality Perth swimming pools can serve as good health and fitness tools. You have to prepare your body first, however. A good pre-swim warm-up will help you burn more calories with less strain, not to mention increase your efficiency in the water and reduce the possibility of muscle soreness.

Little boy at swimming pool

Professional triathlete Jessi Stensland suggests a three-to-five minute warm-up run consisting of four movements:

• Forward Lunge – four to six times per leg for extra lower body strength and improved balance.
• Standing T – six to ten times for improved balance and extra core strength.
• 90/90 Stretch – four to six times per side for improved hip mobility and flexibility and reduce the risk of low back or hip pain.
• Quadruped Rocking – six times for preparing lower body muscles for intense physical activity; to be done with back flexion or extension (an alternative to standing flexion or extension).
• Standing Flexion/Extension – four times per side, ideal for managing low back pain (an alternative to quadruped rocking).

Warm-ups not only enhance muscle flexibility, which is ideal for intense strokes, but also help improve blood flow. Exercise, in general, produces metabolic by-products like carbon dioxide in the muscles that need to be expelled. By improving blood flow, more waste can be expelled in one pass. Such is the job of your circulatory system.

Swimming Laps

Fitness experts recommend swimming at least 20 laps to break a sweat, not necessarily in one go but in a few intervals of varying speeds with cool-downs in between. As for the ideal dimensions for a lap pool, there’s really no magic number. Pool companies like Guardian Pools offer a range of lengths.

Admittedly, not all homes in Perth enjoy the luxury of space, but fortunately, homeowners can get creative with smaller pools. Stationary swimming, for one, is a good way of achieving the same effects as swimming in a lap pool, primarily with the use of a pool harness. Installed by the side of the pool, such a harness looks and functions like a fishing rod by keeping the wearer in place with every stroke.

Thanks to modern technology, it doesn’t matter whether or not your backyard can accommodate full-sized swimming pools for sale in Perth. Pool companies understand their clients’ need to lose a few pounds or maintain their ideal weight via swimming, which is why pool solutions continue to evolve. Meanwhile, as long as you prepare your body before going into the water, you can reap the maximum benefits of this wonderful exercise.

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