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Water Efficiency and Conservation Tips for Swimming Pools in Perth

30 September

Water is one of the world’s most valuable resources, which is why the Australian government seeks to promote better water efficiency in every household. According to the Swimming Pool and Spa Association (SPASA), an average domestic swimming pool contains about 22,000-60,000 litres of water. This amount should last a long time without the need for frequent emptying or backwashing. Here are some tips that homeowners in Perth can follow to make sure their swimming pools are water-efficient.

Reduce Water Evaporation

Water evaporates quickly outdoors, which is the case for most swimming pools in Perth. According to SaveWater, the evaporation rate is highest early in the evening while the air starts to cool even as the water remains warm. Homeowners in the market for swimming pools for sale should also consider getting pool covers. A pool cover not only acts as a protection from falling debris but also reduces evaporation.

Maintain the Right Water Balance

Maintain the right balance in terms of water level and chemical composition. First, never overfill your pool as this only leads to greater wastage whenever people jump in and displace the water. See to it that the water level remains halfway up the skimmer opening.

To maintain the optimal chemical balance, adjust the total alkalinity, the pH level and the amount of sanitiser accordingly. By simply doing this, you can help save thousands of litres of water annually and reduce the need for frequent topping up.

Keep your Pool Filtration System on all Year Round

When the colder winter months hit some people opt to close the pool down and turn the filtration system off. This can end up costing plenty in chemicals and also require fresh water to replace the algae infestation once the swimming season starts. The best bet is to keep your filtration system running all year round so your pool is always clean and pristine. You simply need to reduce your filtration time in winter.

If you want to get the best fit for the kind of pool you want installed, you should consult with a pool manufacturer like Guardian Pools. In any case, the filtration system should always remain on, especially whenever people are using the pool. During the summer, be sure to run the filtration system for at least 8 to 10 hours. Doing so will help remove dust, leaves, debris and other objects floating in the water before they sink.


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