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What Most Australians are Looking For among Different Swimming Pools

07 December

Australians are still opting to enhance their lifestyles with pool installations, and pool companies can advise householders about the best pools to suit any backyard. With around 3,500 pools fitted in Australia each year, it’s clear the garden is an extension to most homes.

What Most Australians are Looking For among Different Swimming Pools

Design and Shape

The design, shape and appearance of pools is also a prime consideration for anybody fitting a pool in their back or front yard. Geometric designs have become more popular with buyers suiting many different aesthetics of the backyard, plunge or lap pools often feature bench seating along one side to allow swimmers to sit and relax in the water. These are perfect for lots with long narrow yards.

Popular Pool Finishes

Modern pool finishes include shimmer, glitter and marbled appearances, giving a stylish, contemporary look to pools and creating even more of an eye-catching, dramatic feature in the backyard. Darker pool shades, such as deep blue or charcoal grey, look absolutely stunning when they have glitter chips added, the sunlight catches the chips and the pool has a dramatic appearance in daylight. Lighter coloured pools have also grown in popularity in recent years, the number of finishes available today are a far cry from what was available even 15 years ago.

Decking and Fencing around Swimming Pools

Surrounding the pool area with decking has become more common, as manufactured decking that is low maintenance has become more readily available. Glass fencing is very popular due to its high class and transparent look, making it almost invisible.

The Popularity of Fibreglass Pools

The large range of shapes, sizes and finishes available in today’s fibreglass pools has seen exceptional growth in this area with a huge increase in popularity. Perth customers can have their fibreglass pools installed within weeks, meaning the family can get into their pool right away.

Be sure you speak to a professional pool builder like Guardian Pools if you would like a quality fibreglass swimming pool installed with the minimum of fuss and excellent service.


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