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What the Colour of Your Pool Says About You

22 September

Here at Guardian Industries, we offer a diverse range of pool colours and finishes. The colour of the laminate produces varied optical effects within the water, glistening in different shades.

The aesthetics of your pool is almost as important as its functionality. Many homeowners like to choose a pool colour that reflects their personal style and melds well with the overall design of their home. But just for fun, have you ever wondered what the colour of your pool says about you? After all, certain types of personalities are attracted to certain types of colours.


Here are just some of the more common choices:

Classic Blue

People who choose blue enjoy the classic beauty of this cool shade. Blue is the traditional pool colour, and reminds us of refreshing summer days basking in the sun looking at a bright blue sky. Whether you choose a pale sky blue or prefer a deeper hue, blue is timeless and will always be the most popular choice for swimming pools.

Our blue colours: Athol Blue, Night Blue, Riviera Blue, Tropical, Vogue Blue

Green or Blue Green

Blue green is the colour of far-off tropical beaches, with its crystal waters and colourful fish. Blue green is both relaxing and playful, reminiscent of spending a quiet day lounging in the sand after diving among the corals.

Our green/blue green colours: Aqua Blue, Kakadu, Evergreen


Sand is the colour of adventures – a sand coloured pool is like having your own private oasis, and reminds you of a secret pool of crystal clear water in the middle of the scorching desert. It is a warm, welcoming colour.

Our sandy colours: Sand, Ivory Sand, Desert


Granite is sharp and strong, yet sophisticated. The soft, mottled grey of granite is the perfect colour for those who enjoy a modern aesthetic, with clean, angular lines.

Our granite range: White Granite, Grey Granite

Dark Blue or Black

If you like dark shades for your pool, you may have a flair for mystery and excitement. Dark waters have an inviting feel and is an irresistibly stylish, modern option.

Our dark colours: Diamond Blue, Twilight, Midnight

So, do you think your favourite pool colours match your personality? Do you think our descriptions are accurate? We would love to hear from you!

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