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Why Entrust Your Pool Needs to Us? Here are Five Amazing Reasons!

01 September

Want to beat the scorching summer heat? Or maybe you want a home improvement project that increases home value without costing a fortune? If so, a swimming pool should be the perfect addition to your home.

Of course, swimming pools are still a significant investment, and you’ll need the best manufacturer to supply your pool. That’s where Guardian Pools comes in!

Why entrust your pool needs to our company? Here are five great reasons to do so:

Long History of Excellence
When looking for a pool supplier, you want a manufacturer that has plenty of experience, a long history of providing excellent and reliable service as well as a quality product. Since our establishment in 1960, Guardian Pools has strived to provide the best swimming pools to all our clients in Western Australia. When you work with us, you work with one of the most trusted and respected pool manufacturers in the country.

Western Australian Owned and Operated Firm
Customers love doing business with us because we’re local. Indeed, Guardian Pools is a family owned and operated firm, so we truly understand the needs of our clientele. Furthermore, we provide a hands-on and personalised service that other pool companies simply cannot offer.

All Pools are made in Western Australia
It’s not enough to be a Western Australian-owned business, we manufacture all our pools in Western Australia to suit the local climate and landscape. Therefore, each time you purchase our swimming pools, you’re also supporting the local economy. Now that’s a win-win situation!

We Have the Biggest Swimming Pool Display Centre
Pictures say a thousand words, but for their money, customers would rather see the pool they’re buying close up and in person. Thankfully, Guardian Pools has the largest swimming pool display centre in the state. Just drop by to see our wide range of pools, which come in various shapes, colours, and sizes.

Centralised Operations
Quality is of paramount importance and something Guardian Pools takes very seriously. To ensure that we continue to provide the best pools in the market, we’ve centralised our operations in one location, allowing us to closely monitor the quality of each pool we ship out and install.

With all of these great reasons and more, there’s no reason to look further than Guardian Pools. If you need our services, simply call 08-95294761 or visit our office at 4-6 Pickard Avenue Rockingham WA 6186.