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Winter is a Great Time to Contact Pool Companies about Installation

29 June

Early in June, Australia’s Snowy Mountains already received about eight inches of snow, signalling that winter has officially begun in the Land Down Under. Landsat 8, one of NASA’s Earth-facing satellites, recently captured images of the mountain range blanketed in white.

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The Snowy Mountains, or “The Snowies” as locals fondly call them, make up Australia’s largest mountain range. According to Big News Network, more snow is to be expected in the region. “The Snowy Mountains region is home to good snowfalls from June through to September and to Australia’s highest mountain — Mount Kosciuszko,” Radio Australia reported.

Winter has come, and with it, the perfect opportunity to plan your pool installation. That’s right: Winter is actually one of the best seasons for installing fiberglass pools. This may be surprising news to you, but here are several good reasons to contact a Perth pool contractor and get your pool installation scheduled this season:

Your pool will be ready in time for summer

Your new pool will be finished and ready for use well before the warmer season sets in. On the other hand, having your pool built when it’s spring or summer means that you won’t be able to cool off on a hot day. You also won’t be able to enjoy your garden when things are in full bloom with all the construction work going on.

Contractor working schedules will be more favourable

Many people rush to have a pool built during spring and summer. If you wait until these seasons to start planning your pool, you may have to wait for a pool contractor to pencil you into his schedule. It will be easier to build your pool during winter because there will naturally be fewer requests.

Great deals

You may come across plenty of ads and promos from pool contractors offering specials on pool installation during winter. This is because the workload is often light and they want to entice customers to contact them. The sooner you start planning your pool this winter, the better off you will be.

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