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With all the different types of swimming pools available, choosing the right type for your yard shouldn’t be difficult.

03 March

Once you have decided to get a swimming pool for your back or front yard you will need to make a decision on what type to install. In order to make your decision easier we have highlighted a few pointers below.

Custom built or prefabricated?

If you have an unusually shaped backyard or require the pool shell to be built up against the house as space is an issue concrete or vinyl may be your only option. Custom designing a concrete pool can be expensive depending on the size, shape and chosen finish. The extra cost is mostly related to the extra labour required to install the pool.

types of swimming pool

What shape and size pool will suit my yard?

The shape of your swimming pool should complement the landscape of your outdoor living space and also your house. Most popular shapes for a tropical theme are kidney shapes with rocks and a waterfall on one side. Roman style pools suit similar style houses with columns and arches present in the architecture. If you have a long narrow space to fill and any avid swimmers in the family then a lap pool will probably suit best. A little bit of thought about what you want and how you intend to use the pool will make your selection process easier.

What colour and finish should I choose?

Your swimming pool needs to suit your backyard and the vibe you intend to give. If you are after a tropical paradise look like you are holidaying in the tropics light greens and light blues are most popular; modern geometrical homes with lots of limestone paving or liquid limestone look great with a contrasting pool in dark or midnight blue.

Fibreglass swimming pools have probably evolved the most in the past 10 years providing owners with a large range of colours and finishes to choose from as well as a wide variety of shapes and sizes. Whether you want to add a bit of shimmer or sparkles to your pool is now up to you. Providing great value for money and fast installation fiberglass swimming pools have become a very popular choice for new pool owners. Make sure you speak with professional pool companies in Perth such as Guardian Pools and take a look at their quality swimming pools on display before you make a decision to purchase.